Images Resize

Resize an image.

Note: The image needs to be publicly accessible and not under a login mechanism.
Note: The maximum image size is 25MB.
Note: Image URLs are expired after 45 days.
Note: There are different resizing strategies that can be used - try to play with them to reach the desired result.

Available Resize Strategies:
Resize - will keep the proportions.
Resize Exact - will use the exact given width and height - if one of them isn't given it will use the original dimension.
Scale - will use the given width and height as percentage, meaning 50 is half size of the original picture, 200 is 2x size of the original picture, and so on.. if one of the dimensions isn't given - it will use the given one for both.
Full image URL, including 'https://', default protocol is 'https://'
In pixels or percentages
In pixels or percentages